What exactly is CEO Focus?

CEO Focus is a national network of business advisers and executive coaches.  We work with company presidents, owners and CEOs, providing them with support and coaching in areas that augment their time, skills and talents to strengthen their company.

We provide 1-1 coaching and consultation as well as peer group mentoring. In our group meetings, we work on actual business issues confronting our members. By creating an informal board of advisers, members have experienced marked improvements in their company performance. Groups bring together a diversity of high level skills, experiences and networks of business owners from various industries. Through this variety, typical “inbred thinking” of like businesses is avoided. All members are successful, talented and extremely serious about growing and improving their businesses.

What are the benefits?

We typically find that four characteristics must be present to justify membership. Each Member must have belief, desire, humility, and commitment to the process to justify the ROI. If you are not prepared to work hard, accept driving change in your organization and are not fully committed to working on the tough issues facing your business, CEO Focus is not for you. If you do not have a strong desire and the will to do all the uncomfortable things that will accompany your commitment to change and excellence, CEO Focus is not for you. If you do not have the humility to say “I don’t know all the answers!” as well as the willingness to get and accept outside input, CEO Focus is not for you.

Lastly, the true value of CEO Focus lies in the fact that we are a force multiplier.  As a service and a supplement to your efforts, the gain will be several times greater than the expense. Our job is to help you achieve this.  If the first three factors are present, the ROI takes care of itself. Many of our members stay for many years because the cost of CEO Focus comes back in profits many times over.

What types of businesses belong?

We often get asked what types of businesses are in a group.  A large portion of business is generic and small business owners have to cover all of the disciplines.  This means that the actual business is less relevant than one might suspect. A wide variety of businesses belong. Among them: service, manufacturing, sales organizations, minority-run businesses, female-run businesses. The key to value within the group is diversity, commitment and willingness to participate in the proces. Most of our members have between 10 – 200 employees in a B2B business with revenue streams of between $1 – 50 million.

Don’t I want a group with people in my industry?

No! Your industry has inbred thinking. Experience has shown that most best practices come from outside of an industry.  Our aim is to help you to outclass, outmaneuver and outperform your competition.  Disruptive Innovation has been shown to be the most effective way to do this.  What it takes to break things loose and achieve a quantum leap forward is ideas from people who don’t know all the “unwritten rules” and have the unproductive baggage of your industry. We have seen it over and over, all the great ideas are from the people far outside your industry.

Aren’t the groups full of people who are struggling?

Absolutely not! Every business faces ongoing challenges in the marketplace and has the occasional crisis. However, our typical group member is the successful CEO who is open to being even more successful. Our groups are full of bright, vibrant and driven men and women, all there to help and learn from each other.  Simply put, this is an extremely powerful strategic resource and an unparalleled opportunity to drive business growth.