Personal Leadership

Achieving Proper Balance and Focus

As a small business owner, you have to wear a number of different hats. In the mad scramble that characterizes most small business owners day, days become weeks and weeks become months. With the best intentions in the world, strategy and planning are often pushed out to deal with immediate and seemingly more pressing issues.

Mastermind groups are a proven way to bring together business leaders from diverse sectors who are committed to growing their businesses. Our groups form a powerful business executive advisory board that will assist you to test and refine your business strategy, provide invaluable support and perspective and above all the accountability that we crave but find so elusive.

With CEO Focus, executive coaching is facilitated through the 1-1 strategy sessions where you can gain advice and insight into best business practices that are right for your industry, Arizona and the current economic climate. We have the skills and resources to provide the full range of support, training and development that your company needs at every level and in every stream. Together we will develop practical sales, marketing, financial and operating strategies that are tailored to your business and geared to driving your business forward.

Why Do I Need a Business Coach?

All the best sports stars have coaches.  They know that in order to continue to win, they have to continually work hard and strive to improve their game.  It has been proven time and again that these stars have coaches because the hardest things to do are: to keep them on track and to get out of their own way.

Even business owners who aren’t seemingly doing anything wrong can benefit tremendously from outside guidance, opinions and accountability.  An experienced business coach will highlight your strengths and weaknesses and be the key to helping you to assess what needs to be done to make your business stronger.

Our coaches are able to help with everything from sales and marketing initiatives to building your organization the way you want it to be.  We help CEO’s  win back the time to do the things they should be doing. We supplement their efforts in key areas to  help them run their  business in the most  efficient way possible.

The benefit of working with CEO Focus as part of a round table advisory group is that you have access to a powerful network of  top notch, motivated and experienced group of true peers.  CEO’s who face the same challenges you do but in diverse industries which allows them to bring true objectivity to the table.